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WEBINAR: Integrating Upskilling & Learning Directly into Workplace from Facebook Using EdCast

Thank you for joining EdCast and Workplace from Facebook  on November 19, 2020 for our webinar entitled “How Companies are Integrating Upskilling & Learning Directly into Workplace from Facebook Using EdCast,” which included specific real-world examples from our joint customer India Infoline (IIFL).
In this webinar, our speakers highlighted:

  • How companies are using Workplace and EdCast to improve and enhance employee collaboration and knowledge-sharing even across remote and highly-distributed teams
  • How easy it is for companies already using Workplace to add upskilling and corporate learning to meet key skills gaps by simply adding EdCast
  • How quick and efficient it is for companies to use Workplace and EdCast to meet their rapidly-changing skilling needs
  • How upskilling and corporate learning are changing in 2020-21 and beyond in a post-pandemic new normal

Our speakers for this event included:

  • Manjith Mohan, Head of Learning & Development at IIFL
  • Neeti Gupta, Partnerships for Workplace from Facebook
  • Neil Chintala, Director of Product & Engineering at EdCast

And moderator:

  • Philip Levinson, Vice President of Marketing at EdCast

To learn more about how organizations are using EdCast to integrate upskilling and learning directly into their Flow of Work, email us at

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